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Xiaomi Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Weight Scale

This scales was purchased to replace an ordinary floor scales. I did not much entered into the possibilities of these scales in advanced, I only knew that they had a weight memory, and that you could see a graph of weight change. So I was pleasantly surprised by the real possibilities of these scales. But let’s start in the right order.

Xiaomi Mijia Smart LED Desk Lamp

This lamp was bought on sale in honor of the anniversary of 3 Discount price was $36.99, and since at that time I was looking for a table lamp to replace the old one for a child, the lamp was ordered.

Original Xiaomi Smart Mi Air Purifier

What this filter intended for and what is it:

  • Original Xiaomi air purifier of second generation
  • The standard mode of purification capacity up to 330 cubic meters per hour, the area of the room to 46m2
  • Occupies a small area with such a capacity
  • Double fan, air intake on all 4 sides of the device
  • and more...
VR BOSS 3D VR glasses

Today on the review there are quite cool VR BOSS 3D VR glasses by

ORICO 4 Port USB Charger Review

Charger of this type is much easier for me than those hanging in the socket, as a socket location isn’t always convenient. This charger can be located closer to the power consumers – on the table, or in the corner on the floor.