How to use coupons on AliExpress allows sellers to make individual coupons that can be applied to all goods in their store. Seller can choose coupon value and additional discount.

We are don't sell coupons, we are only looking for very good discount coupons with a maximum profit. Anyone can get them it for free.
Coupon "US $5 off US $5.01" means that for example you can buy the product at $6, but you will pay only $1
Step 1. To use a coupon on AliExpress you need to obtain it from the seller. It is better to do it as fast as possible because amount of coupons is limited. Go on website on interested store, and then click "Get coupon now". Coupons AliExpress. Step 1 Step 2. You will see a window with confirmation that you successfully received coupon. Coupons AliExpress. Step 2 Step 3. You can buy one or more products in this seller's shop. Total amount of your order will be specified your Shopping Card Coupons AliExpress. Step 3 Step 4. Confirm your order and apply coupons. On next step shows all your coupons that you can apply before you pay. Next example shows, we have a coupon for $5 and the item price is $5.59. The total amount to be paid would be $0.59 Coupons AliExpress. Step 4 Enjoy your shopping with seller's coupons on!