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I have long been looking closely at bedding sets, but prices and my uncertainty about the quality always stopped me. Looking through the range of goods in the new store I saw this one. First and foremost, I liked the price, which was lower than in other shops. But that wasn’t all – in addition, there was a new year's discount. I purchased the King size one. With the discount the set cost $43.13.


The parcel came in a rather large and heavy mail package. Bedding Set Review. Review on

Inside the package there was a bedding set in an individual package. First of all, I noticed, that the colors on the website was an exact match to the received set. Bedding Set Review. Review on Bedding Set Review. Review on
In the package there was an one-sided flyer with the picture of the product and the dimensions of the set. The packaging with the zipper. Bedding Set Review. Review on

Now some information about material. There were no tags regarding the fibre content. The store website only noted "Made from high quality polyester fibre". In fact, that means synthetic. But no information about the exact percentage.

To the touch – usual textile, smooth, as if it was polished, so pleasant enough. Surprisingly it doesn’t feel like synthetics. Pulled out some threads, they also looked usual. Bedding Set Review. Review on Bedding Set Review. Review on Bedding Set Review. Review on

I liked the shade of the set, it’s calm and warm. But it’s a matter of taste. Bedding Set Review. Review on

The quality is high enough. No obvious flaws. It’s still not perfect, but very good. Sometimes a seam may slightly deviate, but I’m nitpicking. Bedding Set Review. Review on

Set components

I ordered the King-size bedding set of 1.80 m*2m.

The kit includes:

  • 2 pillowcases, 48 x 74 cm. Perfectly matched standard 50cm * 70cm pillows.
  • Bed sheet, 200 x 230 cm. I liked that the bed sheet is larger than the bed, i.e it can be taken under the mattress.
  • Bed sack, 180 x 200cm. For usual blanket.

But it’s not that simple. Chinese brothers decided to surprise me here. There was the 150x200 cm bed sack, i.e, for a single blanket. I was upset because I liked the set very much. I decided to contact the store, because I knew that it wasn’t their fault, because the flayer and the packaging clearly specified the 1.80 m size. Customer service employee responded the same day, learned the details and replied that I could choose any product from the range as compensation in the same price range! I was very pleasantly surprised. I decided not to be insolent and ordered 2 cheaper items. But that's not all. The store has revised their dimensions and updated the website. So the King sizes set now are having 1.80 x 2.20 m dimensions for the bed sack (instead of 1.80 x 2m), the sheet became even larger - 2.30 x 2.30 m (instead of 2.30 x 2m). It might be the reason that the price of this size rose a little.


I am completely satisfied. The shade is calm and pleasing to the eye. It looks complex, with 2 types of prints – triangles and stripes. The outer side of the bed sack and pillowcases has triangle print. The inner side of the bed sack and pillowcases, as well as a bed sheet – stripes. Bedding Set Review. Review on Bedding Set Review. Review on

Even taking into account the fact that the bedding set didn’t fit the King size bed, it’s perfect for a single bed, it’s even a bit larger. Bedding Set Review. Review on Bedding Set Review. Review on Bedding Set Review. Review on

Therefore, I was satisfied with the purchase. Thanks to the customer support service of the store I have, in fact, an extra single bedding set. And taking into account that the dimension on the product page have been corrected, in the future such situations shouldn’t be repeated. And if that happens, it's just a profit for us.

Based on the above, I can safely recommend the store.

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