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Xiaomi Philips LED Ceiling Lamp Review

This lamp was ordered to update the interior design. Selection criteria were a proven brand (Philips + Xiaomi here), brightness + efficiency, dimensions + appearance. 2 of the lamps fit these criteria - this one and . After reading reviews on capabilities and technical characteristics, I selected and ordered the Philips LED Ceiling Lamp. Finally, there was a bonus to my criteria – the remote control option via the proprietary remote, and the MiHome integration.

Xiaomi Yeelight YLTD02YL LED Table Light Review

This lamp was bought under this special offer from
First I bought this model without a built-in battery with the coupon (at the time of purchase, the price was $29.99 with the discount of the coupon). But then, a few days later, there was a promotion for a model with a battery, and I couldn't help it. And as it usually works, GearBest had already managed to send the previous lamp, so I had no time to cancel the order. But the price was good, so I wasn't upset.

WiFi COMFAST CF 916AC Wireless USB Adapter Transmitter Review

Today I’m gonna review an USB WiFi adapter. The main purpose of these adapters is to make a wireless internet connection on desktop computers.

PCI Express to 4 Port USB 3.0 Controller Card Review

For desktop computers a large number of USB ports is already a necessity, because almost all the peripheral devices now are using USB.

In my case, it's a mouse, a keyboard, a webcam and a printer. These 4 devices took all the ports provided by the motherboard manufacturer. But apart from them, there is still a WiFi adapter that is sticking out of the front panel, as the computer is using a wireless internet connection. And if you have to insert a flash drive, then you have to disable something. There is a solution to this problem, and it has additional advantages – support of USB3.0 devices high speed.

Can Sofirn SP31 really fry eggs?

Friends, hello everyone!
Today I’m gonna review a SP13 flashlight kit by already known Sofirn.

NTONPOWER ETG-63A Review: to take or not to take, that is the question!

Hello everyone, my friends! A couple of days ago by mail I received a package that I had ordered on AliExpress in the NTONPOWER official store. Looking through products in this store I put my eyes on an interesting thing such as a digital programmable timer ETG-63A by Safe Easy.
As I wanted to automate an inner lamp near a front door, I ordered this device.

Inexpensive GearBest S320 LCD Projector Review

During another sale on (, I noticed a cheap projector. After reading reviews and comparing prices, I choose a white one for purchase.
Before purchasing, I had known that I shouldn’t expect such an inexpensive thing to be something supernatural, but I hoped that sometimes I could watch a movie. Looking ahead, I should say that reality impressed me... but there are still some nuances.

360 J511 1080P Car DVR Camera + TF Card Review

When I was choosing a new dash cam, I focused on two models: by Xiaomi, and this J511C by 360. After reading a few reviews (as both models were new), I decided to take J511C, as in comparison testing the picture of 360 was better. Another disadvantage of Xiaomi was also the only Chinese interface in the cam.

Bijia 20-60x60 Zoom Monocular Review from GearBest

After I had purchased and used these Bijia binoculars I wanted to get something bigger and more powerful. As I wrote earlier, the binoculars were of high quality and worth admiring. So for the next purchase, the choice has stopped on this brand.

Outdoor Telescope Microscope Cell Phone Adapter Mount Review

This adapter is made to fix a phone on a binoculars or on a telescope to take sharp photos.