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NTONPOWER Power Strip 4 Port USB Charger Review

I have looked closely to the ORICO Power Strip with 4 USB Port for a long time, but they didn’t want to ship it to Ukraine. And at the next sale the surge protector had suddenly become available at the time and had been ordered on for $ 17.84, and a week later I received a message about a problem with shipping, and the dispute was closed.

So when I saw this surge protector, I did’nt even realize at once that it was NTONPOWER, not ORICO. After reading reviews I realized that the companies had common roots, and the quality was at the same level, and I ordered this surge protector. Also at the time there was a $2 discount coupon which I have used.

GearBest Inverted Umbrella Review

After looking over regular discounts, I had a strong desire to use it and buy an umbrella of unusual design. To try I ordered one with dark blue stars print.


Practical LCD Display USB Voltage and Current Detector with USB Load Resistance Battery Capacity Tester Review

This set was ordered mainly because of the 2A load resistor and it's ability to show the battery capacity.

Before I had an ordinary USB tester that could only show voltage and amperage at the moment. In addition to the big screen, in fact, it obtains no advantages. Practically, with that tester you could only see if charging was in progress or not.


Original Xiaomi Mi TDS Pen Review

Today I gonna review the Xiaomi Measuring Water Quality Purity Tester. The device determines the level of impurities in water and displays it in ppm.

DELI 36PCS Assorted Water Soluble Drawing Stationery Review periodically gives good discounts for their products. In one of such periods, I picked up some small things, among them these pencils.

These pencils were purchased only out of interest – to see and learn what it is, and how do they differ from standard pencils.